The best part of childhood is the fun you have learning about new things. Be it learning how to play an instrument or learning how to drive a car it is an experience. Childhood is a magical part of life and children are always enthusiastic about learning and trying new things. One of the most popular and modern toys on the market today is a kid’s electric ride on car. If you drive a powerful and luxurious car as a parent, it is something you can show and educate your kids about with a smaller version of their own kid’s electric car and teach them all about safe driving and the rules of the road. The battery-operated cars are a smaller version of a real vehicle and the ideal way to educate your kids about sustainability, safety on the road, and safe driving. 

There are a range of electric cars on the market suitable for ages 1 and up which are available to buy on kidselectriccarsuk. Some of these ride ons include cars, jeeps, pickups, scooters, go karts, motorbikes, and quads. All the latest brands are available some including BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, and so many more.  

It will educate your kids on better driving behaviours

Children can be very observant and even the smallest minds can grasp and listen to the concept of better driving behaviours. Be a good role model and show your kids how you would want them to drive.  

Teach them the driving guidelines

It is important that your child knows how to drive properly and to learn the driving guidelines. Not every car is meant to be driven on the same surfaces or the same way. They should understand that not to drive to fast regardless of what vehicle they are driving.  

Educate your children on the appropriate safety gear

All kid’s electric cars most come equipped with a seat belt for safe driving. This is just like a real car you must wear your seat belt while driving a vehicle. Safety gear can also include helmet and knee pads essentially if your child is driving a kid’s electric quad or motorbike. 

The checklist 

The car

  • Seat belt 
  • Mirrors  
  • Tires  
  • Clean and maintain the car  
  • How to start and stop the engine  
  • Turning on and off the lights  
  • Seat belt fastening  
  • How to use the buttons on the dashboard I.e. turning on the radio  

Basic controls 

  • Gear change  
  • Controlling the car 
  • Turning safely  
  • Avoid distractions  
  • Backing up  
  • Signaling to other drivers  
  • Stopping the car smoothly  


If you are teaching your kid how to drive it is important to find a spacious and safe location where they can explore and drive around without causing damage to the car or hitting something.  

No distractions

A lot of accidents can happen when a driver gets distracted behind the wheel of the vehicle. It is important your kids know that they should never get distracted by their phone or even eating while driving as this could cause an accident.  

Maintaining the vehicle

It is important that your kids know to maintain and look after the car. You can educate them on doing this on a regular basis.  


When driving around on different surfaces the wheels are the first part of the car that becomes damaged and wear and tear can begin. There are certain surfaces that cars can be driven on these include flat or firm surfaces and grass. Oil and check the wheels regularly. Wipe the rims with a cloth to remove any grim or dirt. If the wheels are starting to wear, they might need to be changed. Also, you should check for any balancing issues.  


If your kids have been driving around in the car all day it is important to let them know they must wipe and clean down the vehicle afterward before storing it away this ensures the maintenance of the car long term. Clean and wipe the body of the vehicle with a cloth after every use. Avoid putting any stickers on the toy as this could damage the paint. Cover the car over with a large cloth or canvas sheet to keep it clean.  


The battery of any vehicle is the heart of a car. The batteries in kid’s electric cars need charging. It is important and careful not to overcharge the battery as this could damage it. If you over charge a battery it will shorten the battery life. If you need a new battery you must buy one that is compatible with your vehicle. Follow the instructions that comes with it to find out the battery type.  

Store the product

Your vehicle should be stored away appropriately and safely to ensure no damage is caused. Store in the garage or the house in a spare room.