Who Are We

Education is extremely important and everyone should know that. It should be mandatory, but it’s not, as it’s also true that this is expensive. At Ekalsansthan, we offer you the possibility to choose among different training and educational programs that are available.

Ekalsanthan Training & Education was established in 2005 by our CEO Avatar Dastidar. Our company and training centre is based in Mumbai, India and we offer a wide range of fully credit courses in online marketing, lit reviews, web design, referencing and much more. Over the years we have helped many people create a new career and progress in their jobs. Having worked with many top businesses in India, we can make your workers better by providing the expert training they deserve. Avatar’s background is script writing and digital marketing and has many top qualifications in these areas.

If you become competent in digital marketing and web design you open many doors to the huge online businesses. From providing SEO for businesses to making mobile friendly websites, you could have a life long career of success. For more information regarding any of our courses and training, please get in touch with us.

All you have to do is pay us a visit right away and we’ll help you make the best choice that’s possible on your path to studying!